Subject: 4″ plus winged bug with pinchers
Location: upstate NY
July 23, 2015 8:03 am
Hi I found this bug resting on my deck railing yesterday. The ruler moved as I took the picture but it is over 4″ long, has wings that are tan, brown and black, beady black eyes and “pinchers”. I did not see it fly or land. An hour or so after I took the pictures it was resting on the vinyl siding of my house about three feet away. It was gone this morning. I am in Upstate NY about 45 miles north of Albany and about 20 miles west of Vermont border.
Signature: Kathy

Male Dobsonfly

Male Dobsonfly

Dear Kathy,
Despite his fearsome appearance, this male Dobsonfly is perfectly harmless as his mandibles cannot pierce or bite human skin.  Though her mandibles are much less impressive looking, the female Dobsonfly is actually capable of biting if carelessly handled, and she might draw blood, but again, she is considered harmless.

Thank you so much! I have never heard of that insect but now am going to research it.

They are usually found near bodies of water.

Location: Albany New York

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