Subject: Odd beetle/roach
Location: Johnston, Iowa
July 19, 2015 8:52 pm
Hi there,
My dad and I found this bug in a window well behind our house while cleaning out a lot of leaves. The bug was pretty big- as large as any roach that I’ve ever seen in Iowa.
The window well is on the north side of the house and behind a large hosta. A couple weeks ago the downspout detached and with 5″ of rain the well flooded and water flowed into the basement through the window. So it is fairly moist down there. We also found two frogs/toads in the well.
Anyway, this bug was found on 7/19/2015 in Johnston, Iowa. Our neighborhood is relatively flat and we live within half mile to a creek that eventually feeds into the Des Moines River.
Signature: Coen Wiberg

Giant Water Scavenger Beetle

Giant Water Scavenger Beetle

Dear Coen,
What a nice discovery.  This is a Giant Water Scavenger Beetle in the genus
Hydrophilus which you can verify by comparing your image to this image posted to BugGuide.  According to BugGuide, they can be found in:  “stagnant/slow waters; prefer deeper water (weedy ponds, deep drainage ditches)” and “Some adults overwinter on land, under leaf litter. Others may remain under ice of ponds and stay active all winter. Lifespan may exceed one year. Adults may be found at lights in summer as they disperse.”  If there was a light in the window well, it might have attracted this Giant Water Scavenger Beetle, and if there was also water present at the time, it may have found the location to its liking.

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Location: Johnston, Iowa

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