Subject: Creepy bug in my house
Location: Ontario , Canada
July 17, 2015 10:18 am
Hi . Found this bug in my apartment and it freaked me out .. Kind of looks like a fly but it didn’t have wings …
Signature: Sbro

Wingless Fly

Wingless Fly

Dear Sbro,
This is definitely a Fly and it does not have any visible wings, but we don’t believe it to be a wingless species.  We suspect it is either a mutant or that it has experienced some trauma that resulted in the loss of the wings, but we are posting your image in the event that someone with better identification skills than our own can provide a species name and a theory on the winglessness.

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Location: Ontario, Canada

12 Responses to Wingless Fly

  1. Could it be simply newly emerged and not yet finished inflating its wings? Whatever the cause for the winglessness, it is certainly some kind of flesh fly (Sarcophagidae).

  2. Bobby Boucher says:

    Mama said flies with no wings are the devil

  3. phil says:

    Found a very similar bug in France today does not seem like a young one

  4. Anastasia Gorelik says:

    I found two in my room but i cannot find any information on it and this is my only lead thus far

  5. Kira says:

    I saw these in Nashua, NH, Summer of ’95 and me and my Mom have been trying to figure it out ever since. They’d crawl Up the wall. Down to Up. They were slow, defenseless and wingless.

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