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Subject: Can you help me to identify this insect?
Location: Philadelphia PA (Mt. Airy)
July 3, 2015 9:38 am
Hello Bugman.
I saw this big outside my house in Philadelphia PA two days ago on June 1st.
I’ve looked through a couple insect sites and haven’t found a match yet although I’m thinking it must now be too uncommon.
Thank you!
Signature: Scott

Brownish Red Stag Beetle

Reddish-Brown Stag Beetle

Dear Scott,
This is the third image of a Reddish-Brown Stag Beetle we have posted to our site in the past two day.  The first we posted yesterday, though it was submitted from Delaware in June while we were on holiday and not responding to identification requests.
  The second arrived from New Jersey today and was posted today.  A third was a very blurry image from Wisconsin that was not posted.  This is the season for emergence of these magnificent beetles in Eastern North America.  They are attracted to lights.

Thank  you.
I discovered your site this morning via a Google search for “insect identification.” After submitting the pics I then noticed the other recent pics of the same insect along with its name. So I was able to quickly learn what it is.
Great site you have.

Thanks for the compliment Scott.



What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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  1. madaise says:

    Hey.. I was out in my yard today and came across this bug.. he was on his back and struggling, so I helped him flip over and then moved him to a safer location (away from foot and paw traffic and nosy dogs). He seemed to be a bit wobbly..

    Then, a few hours later, I found him again, on his back. This time, I flipped him over and he held his head up and his pincers open.. but I got him moved to another ‘safe’ location.

    I got some pictures and thought I’d share. I wasn’t sure what it was until I found your site in a google search. Thanks!


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