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Subject: School insect collection
Location: UK
June 22, 2015 5:45 am
I’m a biology technician at a 6th form school and have inherited a collection of animals/ plants/ insects that I’m slowly trying to identify. So far I have 1 in the insect section left to identify. Unfortunately I can’t give any details about where it came from or what it’s habits are like as they are all dead! All I know is they are currently in England and I believe are likely to have been caught here. I’m not even 100% certain they’re real, beetles are not my forte
Signature: Hannah

Leaf Beetle: Desmonota variolosa

Leaf Beetle: Desmonota variolosa

Dear Hannah,
This Leaf Beetle, Desmonota variolosa, is native to Brazil, not England.  We first encountered this Leaf Beetle when we tried to identify the insects used in the making of an antique brooch, a common practice in Victorian times.  New jewelry is also available using these real beetles.   There are plenty of links on that posting to follow our original research.  You can also find a mounted specimen pictured on the Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery Collections site.

Leaf Beetle: Desmonota variolosa

Leaf Beetle: Desmonota variolosa

Thank you so much, the girls will be so happy to finally know what it is and that it’s used in jewellery!

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: UK

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  1. Simone B.Marcelino says:

    Hello my name is Simone (
    I’m Brazilian), and I’m entomologist, I have in my collection the Polychalca punctatissima (Wolf, 1818) (= Desmonota variolous (Weber, 1801)).
    Google place in search of pictures the name Polychalca punctatissima (Wolf, 1818) and you will find photo with this living beetle.
    Best regards
    Simone BM

  2. Nic says:

    Is there a site or store that sells these types of beetles today?

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