Subject: caterpillar
Location: bluffs of lacrosse wi
June 7, 2015 9:04 pm
Found this guy munching on some leaves on a late night hike (around 2 am) on a trail going up miller bluff in lacrosse wi
Signature: Zach g

Humped Green Fruitworm

Humped Green Fruitworm

Dear Zach,
Our first thought was that this might be a Prominent Moth Caterpillar, but searching BugGuide did not produce any visual matches.  We next started going through Owlet Moth Caterpillars on BugGuide and it was there we found matching images of the Humped Green Fruitworm, the larva of the Copper Underwing,
Amphipyra pyramidoides.  According to BugGuide:  “larvae are general feeders on leaves of many broadleaf trees and shrubs, including apple, basswood, hawthorn, maple, oak, walnut, raspberry, grape, greenbrier (Smilax).”

Location: Lacrosse, Wisconsin

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