Subject: What’s this bug?
Location: California
June 8, 2015 1:28 am
Hi! I found this wicked-looking bug that freaked my cousin out quite a bit. It looks vaguely ominous, so I trapped it in a jar (with breathing holes!) until I could do more research. I’ll set it free tomorrow. I think it may be a female dobsonfly…? I’m not sure.
Signature: DLM

California Dobsonfly

California Dobsonfly

Dear DLM,
This is an insect in the order Megaloptera, and we matched your individual to an image on BugGuide that is identified as
Neohermes californicus.  There is no common name according to BugGuide, but Charles Hogue’s marvelous book Insects of the Los Angeles Basin calls it a California Dobsonfly.

California Dobsonfly

California Dobsonfly

Thank you so, so much!
Khephra Owl, Department of Mysteries, Order of Merlin, First Class

Location: California

2 Responses to California Dobsonfly

  1. I’m in VA and had this bug hang in with a bunch of moths on my exterior wall.

    • bugman says:

      Since the California Dobsonfly is only reported in California on BugGuide, we suspect it is a member of the same genus or family, but a different species like a Spring Fishfly, a species with much shorter antennae.

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