Subject: Dragonfly/Yellow Jacket
Location: Pembroke, ON.
June 2, 2015 8:26 am
A friend of mine spotted this interesting insect on the side of a home the other day in Pembroke, ON. I don’t really have too many details, However, I do have an image! They’re calling it a “Dragonbee”
Signature: However

Male Stumpstabber

Male Stumpstabber

Dear However,
As much as we like the name “Dragonbee”, we are not ready to promote it as an alternate name for this male Stump Stabber, though one would probably never attribute that name to the male of a
Megarhyssa species.  The name is quite apt for the female Stump Stabber which actually stabs stumps with her long ovipositor while laying eggs that will eventually parasitize a larval Wood Wasp. We believe your Stump Stabber is Megarhyssa macrurus, based on images posted to BugGuide and the listed range data there.

Location: Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

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