Subject: They are everywhere
Location: Northeast. State of CT
May 26, 2015 5:00 pm
It is almost summer time in CT. Temps are climbing to mid 80’s. We can’t even go outside now. They are on us when we go in the grass. They are on the deck. It’s crazy. We have never had these before. Been living here for 4 years.
They don’t bite. Im just so concerned for the children and tracking inside the house.
Signature: Concerned CT resident

Globular Springtails

Globular Springtails

Dear Concerned CT resident,
You have no cause for concern.  These look like Globular Springtails in the order Symphpleona, and you may compare your image to those on BugGuide. Springtails are perfectly harmless, though they can be an annoyance when they are plentiful. 

Location: Connecticut

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  1. Jordan says:

    Really interesting find, I guess. Seems like there’ll be a lot more unique finds now that things are warming up in the northern hemisphere! Thanks for sharing.

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