Subject: Large green yellowish insect
Location: Athens Greece
May 24, 2015 8:09 am
I am in Athens, Greece, on the south coast at Voula suburb and I encluntered three of these insects on a small bush flower. I have never seen them before and no one around here can identify them. Would greatly appreciate your input. Region of Athens Greece, near the coast of Voula, month of May.
Signature: Olympia zacharakis

Ehrenbergi's Jewel Beetle

Ehrenbergi’s Jewel Beetle

Dear Olympia,
Because we recognized your beautiful beetles as Jewel Beetles or Metallic Borer Beetles in the family Buprestidae, it did not take long to identify them as Ehrenberg’s Jewel Beetles,
Julodis ehrenbergii.  We were excited to find a matching image on the Natural History of Thasos site, but alas, there was only general information on the family and the species in the image was not identified.  We continued to search and then discovered Dr. Bayram’s website and the species identification for your Jewel Beetle.  Allan Morley’s FlickRiver posting has this amusing observation:  “The Daddy of all bugs. Approx 4 inches long (10cm). I was walking in a likely area when with a thud this fella landed in front of me. He was on the ground, on his back and was clutching a flower head which had obviously upset him as he was giving it waldi. Having ripped off every petal and showed the flower who was boss he righted himself and I got this shot. I would have loved to have got down at eye level with him but I got the distinct impression that if I tried he would have taken my camera off me and hit me over the head with it. He was NOT in a good mood. After this he fired up like a 747 and flew off never to be seen again. What a beast!”

Ehrenbergi's Jewel Beetles

Ehrenbergi’s Jewel Beetles

Dear Daniel,
Thank you so so much! You just made my day and put a big smile on my face! It was a beautiful encounter and I stumbled upon them during my meditation walk. Very spiritual too. Jewel beetle… What a treat…
Bless you and the work your team does. I will pass it along and wish for people to donate as well.
All the best,

Location: Athens, Greece

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