Subject: What’s this bug??
Location: West Central Ohio
May 24, 2015 9:51 am
I find these every year in our pool filter basket (there were 5 in it this AM) West Central Ohio, May through summer.
They are about 1″ long, dark brown, almost black. Is this anything that would be coming from the lawn or be hurtful to the turf? It seems that I see more of them within a week of the Fertilizer man spraying the lawn, but they seem to be attracted to water. I don’t see them in the house, or in the lawn, just in the pool filter basket. ??? Can you tell me what this is? The photos were taken on a white paper towel for maximum contrast. I have looked on the internet, but can’t find anything exactly like this.
Signature: Judy W.

Big Headed Ground Beetle

Big Headed Ground Beetle

Dear Judy,
This is a Big Headed Ground Beetle in the genus Scarites, and it is a beneficial predatory species that according to BugGuide are:  “nocturnal predators on other insects.”  Perhaps they are falling in the pool filter while hunting, though we suspect you have a healthy population to be finding so many casualties.

Location: Ohio

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