Subject: whats this bug – san diego
Location: San Diego
May 19, 2015 3:36 pm
Hi Bugman, great responses!!
Signature: Jen

Broad Nosed Weevil

Broad Nosed Weevil

Dear Jen,
We were quite certain your beetle is a Weevil, and though we did not recognize it, we found its overly developed front legs to be a very distinctive physical feature.  As we searched the internet for an identification, our first lead was to Arizona: Beetles, Bug, Birds and more where we found an image identified as
Pandeleteius buchanani.  Not an exact match, it looked similar enough to cause us to search BugGuide where we found a California relative in the same genus, Pandeleteius defectus, but alas, there is no information posted on the species.  The species is also pictured on SoCal Fauna, but again there is no specific information so we cannot provide any information on the diet of this Broad Nosed Weevil.

Location: San Diego, California

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