Subject: What are these?
Location: Washington, DC
May 18, 2015 5:39 pm
Today, 05/18/05, I took this picture on a tree in Washington, DC. I thought they were spiders at first, and then I noticed that a couple have wings! I’ve done a ton of internet research and I can’t find anything like them. Please help!
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Giant Conifer Aphids

Giant Bark Aphids

These are Giant Bark Aphids, Longistigma caryae, the largest Aphids in North America.

Oh my god, thank you SO much!!!  They sure are! 🙂

As an unrelated aside, we learned this morning while watching CNN that the popular internet initials OMG have another meaning.  The report on the Waco, Texas melee refers to the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs as OMG.

Location: Washington DC

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  1. Aphids reproduce through parthenogenesis. 🙂

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