Subject: Colourfull fly
Location: Portugal
May 16, 2015 11:37 pm
What kind of fly is this?
Never saw this one before….
Signature: Tineke

Cuckoo Wasp

Cuckoo Wasp

Dear Tineke,
This looks like a Cuckoo Wasp to us, but the red abdomen is something we do not see in North America.  It might be
 Hedychrum rutilans which is pictured on Shutterstock.  There is also some information on  Cuckoo Wasps can curl up for protection when disturbed or threatened as your image indicates.

Thank you very much Daniel for your quick respons…
Its a beautiful insect, it was dead when I found it and I keep it in a little box.
Best regards,

Location: Portugal

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  1. Dan says:

    I’ve just found one of these in Scotland. It has the green head and torso and orange bottom. At first thought it may be a flying ant or odd shaped fly but the image on this site matches it exactly

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