Subject: HELP!! I’m not a bug person and this is very frustrating
Location: Dayton, OH
May 15, 2015 2:31 am
These guys come through the window, I’ve watched them do it. But here lately, they’re invading EVERYWHERE. My 8 month old sleeps in the room with us, and the first time I seen one flying about was around her and her bed. Then I noticed them more on my blankets and hiding around, what are they, every time I see them they make my skin crawl.
Signature: Chew Concerned Mommy

Bed Bug

Bed Bug

Dear Chew Concerned Mommy,
Because collectively the members of the family Cimicidae are known as Bed Bugs, we do not feel we are in error by informing you that this is a Bed Bug, however, BugGuide notes they are:  “ectoparasites of birds and mammals; most are associated with birds & bats, only 2 spp. (
Cimex lectularius and C. hemipterus) are permanently associated with humans.”  So this might not be the true Common Bed Bug, Cimex lectularius , but rather a Bat Bug, Swallow Bug or other species, you can be assured that it is a blood sucker and if its regular prey is not available, it will feed on you and your children, so you have cause for concern.  Since you have observed them coming in through the windows, we are presuming that they may have been feeding on the blood of birds, but when the fledgelings flew the nest, the Cimicids are entering the home in search of food.  Of the Eastern Bat Bug, BugGuide notes:  “Large infestations may occur with bat populations in the attics of buildings. Adults may move from bat roosting places in homes to occupied rooms and bite people during the night”

Location: Dayton, Ohio

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