Subject: Cool bug!
Location: Amelia Island, FL
May 13, 2015 10:44 am
Found this guy this morning on our recycle bin. We live in the North east corner of Florida on Amelia Island. We back up to the Egan’s Creek Greenway so there is always a plethora of cool creatures around (also found a 5 ft garter snake this morning too!)
It is summertime and pretty warm these days. At first I thought it was a spider but upon closer inspection it only has 6 legs and those wild antennae! It’s abdomen is fairly flat. Been looking on the Web but cannot find anything yet…so here you go!
Will see if it is still around and get a different shot if I can!
Thank you much,
Signature: Jennifer

Big Legged Bug Nymph

Big Legged Bug Nymph

Dear Jennifer,
This is the nymph of a Big Legged Bug in the genus

Thank you much Daniel!! Have a fabulous day!!

Location: Amelia Island, Florida

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