Subject: Bug Idetification
Location: Chennai, India
May 10, 2015 9:18 pm
Hello again, bugman 🙂
Found this bug next to a shore in ECR, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
I found many look alike bugs which were very colourful.
Can you help me figure out the bug’s name again ?
Signature: Nithin Daniel Mathew

Painted Grasshopper

Ak Grasshopper

Hi Nithin,
This beautiful Grasshopper is in the family Pyrgomorphidae, and we found this matching image on Tumblr.  In 2009, we identified it as
Poekilocerus pictus, commonly called the Ak Grasshopper or Painted Grasshopper, a name we verified on National Geographic where it states:  ““Ak Grasshopper, is one of the most colorful grasshoppers of India. The nymphs display spots of varied colours from yellow, orange to blue and green. The adults show yellow and blue striped on head and thorax, a bright red abdomen, green-yellow forewings and red hind wings which are seen only in flight. The adults grow to about 60mm and are capable of good flight. The food is Giant Milkweed Plant.The eggs are laid in “pods” (each pod contains 70 – 200 eggs) during the monsoon months.”

Location: Chennai, India

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