Subject: bug under matress
Location: charleston, south Carolina
May 9, 2015 2:57 pm
Hi there, so I was lifting up my mattress the other day to put sheets on the bed and found this little guy… my main concern of course is bed bugs but it looks to be bigger than most of those and I don’t have any bites. Just trying to figure out what this thing is and if I need to take any actions before it’s a problem. He was about an 1/4 inch long
Signature: thank you

Velvet Ant

Velvet Ant

This is most certainly NOT a Bed Bug.  Though there is not much detail in your image, we are relatively confident this is a Velvet Ant.  Velvet Ants will not infest your home and we believe this is an accidental introduction.  Velvet Ants are actually flightless female wasps that are reported to deliver a very painful sting, so while it will not infest your home, you should handle it with caution.

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

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