Subject: What Are These?!
Location: Southern California
April 25, 2015 3:52 am
I work at a convenience store, and OVER NIGHT something laid seseme seed-like eggs in all if our employee cups!!
Ive searched the internet looking for answers, but found nothing! Is it dangerous, poisonous? Help us!
Signature: InconvenientEmployee

What's In The Cup???

What’s In The Cup???

Dear Inconvenient Employee,
We are flummoxed by your request.  This is so strange we don’t know where to start.  Were these things found anywhere but inside the cups?  Their rapid appearance and the specificity of their location seems to suggest a disgruntled employee, or perhaps there is a prankster in your midst. 

What Left This???

What Left This???

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Location: Southern California

10 Responses to What’s Bugging the Convenience Store Employees?

  1. Wait until they hatch and find out.

  2. Looks like a spore mold or fungus

    • bugman says:

      While we in no way are prepared to refute that supposition, we imagine it might fuel paranoia at the convenience store.

  3. Someone sniffing the cleaning products lol.

  4. very interesting mystery.

  5. Gustaf fredell says:

    Ì reacon they may be some sort of stick insect egg. They have evolved to look like seeds so ants would take them into their colony.

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