Subject: Madagascar ladybug
Location: Madagascar
April 24, 2015 3:44 am
Dear bugman,
On our trip to Madagascar we found this, in my opinion, ladybug.
I haven’t been able to find anything like it with the ringed-spots and as wondering if you could help me identify it.
nb; maybe worth mentioning; in the surroundings I’ve also found similar orange ladybugs who looked to be of the genus Epilachninae…
Signature: Dennis

What's That Beetle???

Lady Beetle

Dear Dennis,
This is probably a Lady Beetle, but we cannot discount at this time that it might be a Leaf Beetle in the family Chrysomelidae.  Alas, we are late and we will be posting your image as unidentified, and we will return to the office to research this later today.  The spot pattern is similar to the Eyespot Ladybird Beetle from North America.

Take your time! Thanks for having a look at it 🙂

We tried searching without any success this evening, and interestingly, all our searches brought up the posting we created.

Hi Daniel,
That’s interesting indeed, what do suggest I do now?

We are only able to devote so much time to a particular identification request because with warm, spring weather conditions prevailing over more of the northern hemisphere, our identification requests increase.  Also, when new requests coming in, older requests become more difficult for us to track as they get buried further back in our inbox.  We would suggest that you place a comment on the posting requesting assistance.  Sometimes months or years later, we receive comments from our loyal readership that result in a long overdue identification.  Your email did not indicate any urgency with the identification.  We don’t know if you are just satisfying your own curiosity or if your life requires an immediate identification.  If the latter, we would suggest that you try attempting a more thorough internet search and pursue other venues for identification.  Meanwhile, your posting will remain on our site in perpetuity, and we hope that one day you will receive the answer you desire.

Update:  January 15, 2018
We just received a comment from Jaroslav Vetrovec that this is Epilachna pavonia, and we found a matching image on Le Monde des Insectes.

Location: Madagascar

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  1. Jaroslav Vetrovec, Coccinellidae says:

    Hello. Epilachna pavonia

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