Subject: Mystery bug
Location: Boise, Idaho
April 19, 2015 5:51 pm
Just today I found this little guy on my bed, and after some exhaustive research, I still can’t quite figure out what it is!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Signature: Kelsey

Blood Engorged Tick

Blood Engorged Tick

Dear Kelsey,
This is a blood engorged Tick, indicating that it either fed from you or a bedmate, possibly a dog.

Location: Boise, Idaho

13 Responses to Blood Engorged Tick

  1. I love most bugs but loathe ticks, especially since one almost killed me in 1997. YUCK.

  2. Unnngh!!!!! Ick ick ick… I feel bad for Kelsey

  3. PLEASE get tested. Blood engorged means it’s been feeding (on something) for a while and better safe than sorry.

  4. That is a dog tick, not a deer tick. There’s no need to panic. And deer ticks only transmit Lyme when they are in their larval stage (says one who contracted Lyme disease last year).

  5. Mark were you asking about ID a bug ages ago. These guys are awesome.

  6. It’s possible this tick was a hitchhiker!

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