What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Subject: brownish yellow tiny bugs jump on bed and bite
Location: West Texas
April 16, 2015 11:43 pm
Please help me with what this bug is. I found 10 on my bed, I have recently brought a blanket that had been in my trunk for a while. Since then I have had bite marks and tonight found these bugs on my bed, when I touch it they jump. I’ve developed bites that are itchy. They don’t look like bed bugs but I’m no expert. … the bite Marks are on my arms legs and bottom.. PLEASE HELP!!!
Signature: Sleepless in Texas..



Dear Sleepless in Texas,
This is an Elongate Bodied Springtail, and your observations that they jump are correct, however we do not believe there is any connection between the Springtails and your bites.
  Springtails like damp conditions, and it is possible they were transported on the blanket, especially if conditions were humid. 



What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: West Texas

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  1. Greta says:

    Springtails do bite, and they can burrow in you, I read an Entomologist accidentally breathed in a springtail, it laid eggs in his sinuses and the eggs hatched and caused problems until he had them flushed out. I also have an infestation of springtails in my bedroom and have bites all over my body. I have been to an infectious disease doctor and she said they can live in your scalp. She believes my bites are from the springtails and we are working to get to the bottom of this misery I have been going through.

  2. Greta says:

    instance of an entomologist aspirating an Isotoma species and in the process accidentally inhaling some of their eggs, which hatched in his nasal cavity and made him quite ill until they were flushed out.[21]

  3. Greta says:

    http://www.collembola.org/publicat/sidney.htm Also several stories of human infestation,

  4. Greta says:

    I have had problems with sores in my scalp and skin. I went to an infectious disease doctor at UCLA and she believes it is springtail, because a had a water leak behind my bed. I do believe an Infectious disease doc at UCLA knows their stuff.

  5. Greta says:

    Were you able to identify the bug I sent you?

  6. Greta says:

    i did provide all the links…. Sooooo!!!!!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    The springtail infestation in my home came from a plumbing leak but once they were in my home they did not leave. When I discovered a plumbing problem, I took the little bugs to an entomologist who said they were springtails. I fixed the plumbing leak and had the home treated with pesticides, heated to 60 degrees for 6 hours, and dried out. I still have a problem with springtails. It is true springtails do not bite but in my experience, they poke you with their tail and lay eggs on you which turn into small red bumps or nests, which break open. The small nymphs come out and crawl all over you and go for moist areas like your eyes, nose, ears, pubic area, nasal passages, etc. Later on they seem to live in your nasal cavities, etc and breed so you have an outbreak every so often. This is no fun and having your home full of them is no fun either so please do not say that they cause no harm to humans. This is repeated over and over again and for me has lasted for many months with no relief. You become desperate. I even threw out almost everything out over and over again. Nothing works so it does harm humans bodies, minds, hearts and souls. Hope you have a great non-springtail day. Blessings, Elizabeth

    • Kennon Bradley Ashley says:

      Elizabeth,im sure you’ve talked your problem by now.At least I hope so,because you are absolutely correct ,they are overwhelming.It takes a dedicated 2 to 3 month effort both in your home and yard to completely be free of this infestation,if you do need the proper advice,call or text me.
      I had this same problem,had to thoroughly research and tackle myself.exterminaters are a joke,and most haven’t a clue about thier profession,understandably,any Joe off the street works thier making next to nothing.
      Springtails live in the soil every and anywhere,the’re a natural way of taking care of decayed plant matter.When nests are disturbed or overpopulated they move.Its a difficult and demanding job,but can easily be done if effort is applied,for a couple hundred bucks and hard work,do it yourself and do it right.3184379978,. Kenn,feel free to text

  8. I have springtails!!! For months this 1 Pest Control Co. couldn’t even identify them. Yes they bite,breed,infest the human body. Yes they burrow under my skin. Do when I read the commenter Elizabeth it was like she was naming off my systems. When she spoke about the eyes,nose,ears,pubic areas,under arms anywhere that’s warm & or damp they like. Yes they burrow under skin. I asked my Dr for the ointment for “scabies”. Leave it on the skin for 12 hrs then shower it off. Just as soon as your free of them all that has to happen is 1 mating on your skin & there you are back in the soup again. Boy howdy…Aloe Vera Works…lotion, creams & so forth. I’ve noticed a difference with a qualified pest control company. My most severe problem is my scalp. They burrow into my scalp & just hatch at will. They are horrible. I’m buying some Sulfer 8 tomorrow. See how that works…Apple cider Vinegar in a spray bottle works too. Can spray it every where except eyes. Put a little in nostrils on finger tip. I know it sounds gross ,but it works. Good luck

    • I’ve experienced this first hand,and tried everything before finally coming across one,very long as by a company called bugspray,,or at least the website linked to BUGSPRAY.COM,I thought I was dealing with sand mites,turned out to be these springtais.BUGSPRAY.COM then I clicked Springtail control,its very lengthy,but explains why it’s so hard to free your home and self of them.The problem is outside,the home and personal infestation is a symptom.I finally kicked thoer little asses myself for about 200$,i didn’t order thier brand,i went to a local Co_op and Wal Mart and bought the brands available,however I did house the techniques they listed.That website explained everything.the why,when,where,what and how !!!

  9. Junia says:

    I have the same thing such as elizabeth and Carletta were talking. My problem is that I cant get rid of the springtails from my scalp. I went to many doctors but they dont believe me and some gave me the same medicine as for lice but it is not helping . Did anyone succeeded to heal 100 % and what are the medicine or natural alternatives did you use ? I also tried aloe vera but i have to eash it daily and i have long messy hair it is vv hard to comb it with small comb everyday . Please need your help

  10. Ժíɑղҽ says:

    Someone PLEASE help me!!! I’ve been infested with springtails since around January and I have literally tried everything I can find to try internal and external natural and super toxic! I am losing weight, my hair, my skin elasticity, my ???. I’m surprised I haven’t been hospitalized or died from chemical exposure alone not to mention allergic and neuro reactions to the pests or medications I’ve tried (ɑӏӏ ҍվ ʍվ օաղ ժօíղց տíղϲҽ ҼѴҼɾՎ ժօϲեօɾ ɑղժ հօտթíեɑӏ ɾҽƒҽɾտ ʍҽ եօ թտվϲհ). My own daughter has even abandoned me and thinks I need psychiatric help. I have them everywhere especially my ears and scalp. Salt baths give temporary relief and permethrin takes care of them once they’re out of me but I haven’t found anything that will completely kill the ones already in my body. Diatomaceous earth seemed to get the most reaction but I’m not sure if that was more it or the ivermectin I had taken but neither helped more than a few days then right back to square one ?

    • junia says:

      Thanks a lot elizabeth for trying to help but i livr in north africa I xant reach this company are there any alternativez ?

    • junia says:

      Thanks elizabeth a lot .I will try to buy cedar oil from my country but unfortunately there is no fog machine i can buy. I have been dealing with collembola for 2 years now. all you said is correct. they live in scalp and sometimes in private areas. I cant get rid of them. Apple cider kills them but they are back again. plz tell me how you cleaned ur body and scalp. please please tell me the routin you used to clean ur body and head

  11. Marianne Johnson says:

    My husband thinks I am crazy!!! I had a huge head sore that I scratched open and put peroxide on then diatomaceous earth every night. It eventually went away. Them it was in my nose. Now seems to be around my eyes. Ugh!

  12. Deborah Mcsweeney says:

    Go to bestmorgellonscure.com Read his ebook its free. He has dealt with springtail infestation for over 20 years. Managed to control them with diet and some supplements along with some medications. Take Glutathione to boost your immune system to these pests. Find the source, get rid of it. Then clean your environment and take baths in 1-2 cups epson salt, 1/2-1 cup borax and 1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Also take internally all three at lower doses such as 1 tsp salt plus 1/8 to 1/4 tsp of borax and then drink water mixed with 1-4 drops of 36 percent Hydrogen peroxide or 48drops of food grade 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. NEVER DRINK REGULAR hydrogen peroxide always get food grade. You can bathe with regular hydrogen peroxide. Wash clothes and house with same until you can get solution of 10 percent Use 10 percent tetasodium EDTA mixed with 10 percent Amonia chloride and 80 pecent water. Use this to disinfect your house and surrounding areas especially bedroom and bathroom. Use same solution for your hair and body. Wash wait up to 10 minutes then rinse. Build up to the times and the amounts listed as everyone is different. IF diagnosed with paranoid parisites dont get mad as two of the meds help turn off the attraction to these bugs, one is pimozide and the other is Zyprexa. Used at a lower dose than used for psychotic patients, these meds work to make your body less attractive to these bugs. WOnder why your spouse is not bothered by these things and you are? IT is because his body makeup does not attract them. OR he/she is on a diet that does not attract them. Start by eating only eggs and then increase what you can eat by adding meats first and then vegetables. ABSOLUTELY NO OILS and NO OILY FISH. THese things attract them and make them more active. YES YOU ARE CONTAGIOUS. UNTIL you get this under control do not go on public transportation and do not let people ride in your car or come to your house. It isnt fair to pass these along to others, it is a nightmare for the person dealing with this condition.

  13. Karen Shaw says:

    I’ve been dealing with this for 4-5 years, thinking at first it was exczema, then thinking lice, and trying everything possible. I have samples of the dead bugs that I need to send away to confirm (where do I do this?), but think it’s springtails. I was diagnosed with scabies, but nothing has worked. I have lesions that look like small crusted scabies, somewhat mole like, with bullous scabies, all over my body, and scalp. I have scabies looking bites, that itch, and are infected. Some things have worked but nothing has eradicated them. They have burrowed into my scalp, which is why surface and environmental treatments haven’t woked. Ive used oralIvermectin along with/Perm creams numerous times without success. I’ve started using a NearInfrared light/red light therapy schedule, that has helped make some of the lesions fall off, but they’re spreading, and moving from the light. I’ve plan to get a few more lights to do all over body. It has helped with the discomfort, as well as killing many which I find. The dead bugs range from skinny and gray to small red and mite like. My goal is to eliminate the lesions, to clear my skin. I’ve used evrything imaginable but peroxide works, although it ruined my hair and made it break off, along with the cedar oil, and red light. I will read the suggestions above and hope to find some relief. I’m highly allergic to insects, and spiders, supposed to carry an epi pen, so now this all makes sense. Ive felt flu like symptoms, and Lyme disease like symptoms for years, without relief. I have a yeast overgrowth in my body and feel there is a connection with the failure of eradiction with the parasite too. Ive consulted infectios disease specialist who said I, and the previous doctor was wrong with the scabies diagnosis, and that I needed to see a dermatologist, but that he could see nothing wrong with me (He didnt look at my scalp, and barely looked at the outbreak on my body). If anyone knows how to eradicate this nightmare, please let me know. I have no idea what the source is… I am exhausted from cleaning, changing linens, and trying to not go crazy while I feel them crawl all over my body. Thank you to everyone for your info here.

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