Subject: huntsman
Location: Perth,Western Australia
April 16, 2015 6:30 am
I just sent you a msg re-paraylised huntsman on my windowsill and didnt have the link to send a photo so here they are.
What can i do with it?

Subject: Huntsman Spider
April 16, 2015 6:02 am
I live in western Australia. Huntsman spiders are common but never really seen in my area, however with the change in weather in the last week i’ve seen 2 being dragged by wasps. One made it back to its nest while the other couldn’t quite get it up the wall into the tiny hole. Now i have a paraylised huntsman sitting on my windowsill and have no idea what to do with it. Can you help?
Signature: zoe

Spider Wasp and Huntsman Spider

Spider Wasp and Huntsman Spider

Dear Zoe,
Female Spider Wasps in the family Pompilidae sting and paralyze Spiders to feed their young, laying an egg on the paralyzed spider which provides living and fresh (not dead and dried out)
food for the developing larva that eats its still living meal.  Your letter did not indicate why the Spider Wasps left behind the spiders, but we would urge you to not interfere in the future if that is what happened.  It takes tremendous effort for a female Spider Wasp to provide for her brood.  If enough venom was injected into the spider, it will most likely not recover.  We have numerous postings from Australia of Spider Wasps and Huntsman Spider prey.

Hi Daniel, thank you for your reply. My apologies, I had sent 2 different questions the second just contained photo’s. I can promise I didn’t interfere with anything. I seem to have nesting’s of wasps under the house and also in the roof.  The wasp simply gave up trying to pull the huntsman up the wall. It went up and down 3 times, nearly getting there on the 3rd attempt but seemed to give up and left it on the windowsill. I know its pretty much a lost battle for the huntsman and I have left it alone incase the wasp came back but it has not. So I guess my question is what to do with the paralysed but still living spider on my window? What do you suggest?

We would let nature take its course because we are guessing it is on the outside.

Update:  May 14, 2015
Hi Daniel,
I have been in contact with you previously as you can see from the e-mails below with regards to a huntsman spider that was left on my windowsill. The reason I am getting back in contact with you is I need to move it because my son is nearly able to reach the sill and has taken interest in what’s sitting on it. So figuring as its been a month I went to move it and to my surprise our huntsman has flinched its body and its legs. So this is my predicament… I need to move it as my son will soon be able to grab it and probably will do if I’m not looking, and even though it was stung and paralysed by a wasp our huntsman seems to have regained some movement. The poor thing has been sitting there for a month but has shown me (only moments ago) that it has some fight left. What can I do? I would not feel right placing the huntsman just anywhere which is why I am asking for you to help guide me on the best possible solution which may just preserve this ones life should it fully recover. I do want to make clear also that I never interfere with nature and its way of life but certain situations like this sometimes need a little helping hand however big or small.
I would really appreciate it if you could advise me on the best place to put him, I am simply not going to just throw him in the bin or out on the lawn.
Many thanks in advance, I look forward to your reply
Kind Regards
Zoe Delaney

Hi Zoe,
We would suggest a sheltered location outdoors, perhaps under an overturned flower pot or some other place that will offer some protection from predators and the elements.

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Location: Perth, Western Australia

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