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Subject: Unknown Slug from Mount Santubong, Sarawak, Borneo
Location: Santubong NP, Sarawak, Borneo
April 14, 2015 11:47 am
Hi. Recently i went hiking at Mount Santubong National Park at Sarawak, Borneo, using the Summit Trail. I encounter this pretty blue black with white strip/bands worm on a tree trunk. It has a split in the middle too. As I’m a zoology student, I’ve ask around (lecturers etc) and they could only ensure me that it was not a platyhelmintes but some slug. I’m not sure about the elevation, but it was found after some 2280 m along the trail. And since I’ve no known experts to ask and my curiosity is giving me sleepless nights, I would like to try my luck here. It would be great if you know what this slug is. Thanks.
Signature: Tan, C.F.

Hi. I’ve missed to input some details. Santubong NP is a tropical rainforest and the slug is about 5cm long,1 cm width. Thanks.



Dear Tan, C.F.,
This is not a Slug which is a shell-less mollusc.  This is a Planarian or Flatworm.  We located a very similar looking image on Photographers Direct, but alas, it is not identified as to its species.
  A video on Siam Answer does not provide an identification either.  A similar looking image on Project Noah is identified as a Hammerhead Worm, possibly in the genus Bipalium.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Mount Santubong, Sarawak, Borneo

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