Subject: I found this little guy in a lake in utah?
Location: South Jordan, Utah, USA
April 9, 2015 2:00 pm
Hi, I found this bug about 2-3 weeks ago in a lake fashioned like a little beach here in central utah. I’ve been taking care of it this whole time and its been doing fine, I just have no clue of what type of bug it is. please help!
Signature: I don’t care

Dragonfly Naiad

Dragonfly Naiad

This looks like the aquatic nymph of a Dragonfly, known as a Naiad.  Dragonfly Naiads are predatory, and we hope you are providing aquatic prey for it to eat.

thanks so much! and yes i have been able to provide aquatic prey for it, tysm! 🙂

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Location: South Jordan, Utah

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