Subject: Bug identification
Location: Suffolk, VA
April 7, 2015 1:22 pm
We get these bugs every spring for a few days. They seem to come from under refrigerator and make their way to back door. What are they?
Signature: Dee

Swarming Termite Alates

Swarming Termite Alates

Dear Dee,
Are you a homeowner?  You have Termites, and by your description, we imagine you have a very healthy colony feeding on your home.  These are swarming Termite alates, the reproductive males and females, and once they mate, they will begin a new colony, perhaps in another part of your home.  You should probably seek professional assistance.

Thank you for responding.  Will have to have someone come out.  Would we be seeing little black ones without wings?

Worker and Soldier Termites are generally white and blind and they generally don’t leave the nest.

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Location: Suffolk, Virginia

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