Subject: whats that bug
Location: sudan
April 3, 2015 1:50 pm
i found this one at my house and i want to know what does it called.
Signature: M. hider



Dear M. hider,
This is a Solifugid, commonly called a Sun Spider or a Wind Scorpion.  Though it is an Arachnid, unlike both Spiders and Scorpions, the Solifugid does not have venom, and though its jaws are capable of a painful bite, it is not considered dangerous.  The body on your individual is longer and less streamlined than most individuals we have seen.  Species found in the Middle East grow quite large and they can run quickly, earning them the common name Camel Spider, and there is much false information about Camel Spiders on the internet.

Location: Sudan

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