Moth from Madagascar

Subject: Lepidoptera Madagascar Location: Masoala, Madagascar April 30, 2015 8:11 am Dear Bugman, Besides the ladybug from last week I found a lot of other interesting creatures. Another one is this Lepidoptera, also from the jungle of Masoala, Madagascar. Do you have any ideas? I was thinking in the direction of the Arctiinae (erebid moths) … Read more

Wolf Spider with Egg Sac

Subject: Wolf Spider Location: Ohio, United States April 30, 2015 1:16 am I came across this beauty today that I believe to be an H. lenta. She was carrying an egg sack with her. I’m very curious to see the spiderlings and the mother’s care, so I set up a large escape proof terrarium to … Read more

Grass Spider, we believe

Subject: Help with ugly spider id Location: Modesto, California April 28, 2015 3:14 pm I was wondering if you could help us identify the spider we found outside our door today? Signature: Michelle Hi Michelle, We believe, because of the large, prominent spinnerets at the tip of the abdomen, that your individual is a Funnel … Read more

Inchworms from India

Subject: Inchworm Mayhem Location: Mumbai, India April 29, 2015 7:34 am Dear Bugman, These inchworms have wreaked havoc in my tiny balcony garden, fairly shredding my spider-plants to bits. Could you help id? I understand from your site that inchworms are geometrid moths caterpillars. It’s full summer now in India, and the photos are today’s … Read more