Subject: strange bug?
Location: CA
March 29, 2015 12:02 pm
my name is Lauren
as I was walk in home from church today I discovered an interesting bug. I was wondering if you could help on enlightening me? It looks like a nymph, but I know those are restricted to water.
thank you much,
Signature: Lauren Haldeman

Cicada Exuvia

Cicada Exuvia

Dear Lauren,
This is the exuvia or shed exoskeleton of a Cicada.  Immature Cicadas, known as nymphs, live underground and they dig to the surface just prior to the final molt, leaving behind the exuvia and flying off as winged adults.  All insects that undergo incomplete metamorphosis have immature stages known as nymphs.  Naiad is a term specific for a water nymph.

Location: California

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