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Subject: caterpillar
Location: Dubai, UAE
March 25, 2015 2:39 am
discovered this whilst at a park in the UAE….my nephews are very keen on knowing what kind of caterpillar this is….and I am clueless…..would love some information on it…
Signature: Bevill JB

Scarab Beetle Grub

Scarab Beetle Grub

Dear Bevill JB,
This is not a caterpillar.  It is the Grub or immature stage of a Scarab Beetle.

Dear Daniel…
That is so fascinating.
Thank you very much for responding. This is a  simply wonderful and most educative site I have seen in ages.
Best regards,

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2 Responses to Scarab Beetle Grub from United Arab Emirates

  1. Brittany Jones says:

    I am just curious if it is normal that I found these in my backyard in Kansas, USA?
    to look it up and running across your site(which is incredible btw), I found it funny that I had no clue what to search so I looked up bug in dirt that looks like a shrimp?? lol
    anywho, NEVER seen anything like it, but I am also new to this area- originally from Oregon in the Willamette Valley and I have yet to become accustomed to many of the insects(NOT TO MENTION THEIR SIZE AND SHEER VOLUME OF ALL OF THEM) and I am mostly wondering if I can feed them and other cridders I have been catching in my yard, to my ornate box turtle[michelangelo] or my great plains toad[squeeks]? If you know, I mean, and/or maybe you can point me in a direction to gain more knowledge on the subject(s)? I have been feeding them all kinds of bugs I don’t know but I am concerned I will give them a bug that might make them sick… or worse?
    Thank you in advance!

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