Subject: Tiny weird moth
Location: Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
March 17, 2015 6:50 am
These little moths are all over my house and stick to the walls. They are about a half cm wide and a half cm tall. I just have no idea what they feed on or how to get rid of them. Please let me know! Thanks!
I live in Abu Dhabi… Very hot weather.
Signature: Busjam

Bathroom Fly

Bathroom Fly

Dear Busjam,
This Bathroom Fly or Moth Fly is a common cosmopolitan household pest.  They are generally found in bathrooms as the larvae live in the sludge that accumulates in plumbing pipes.

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Location: Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

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  1. Marie says:

    Hi bug man , my name is Mary I read a LOT of your stuff and I hope you can help me I don’t know what I came in contact with the only thing I seen was drain larva and I’m so confused about what’s going on with me and this big problem with drain fly it got so bad me and my husband after 35 years are getting a divorce . My oldest son says it’s all in my head and my doctor says I’m hausanating I know what I see it started with my nose when I would blow it I notice it was different I’m sorry it’s gross but I’m despert I can’t even see my grand children . Course I don’t know if I’m contagious tut not like a worm you would see out side, this is scary the E room doc gave me the medication abenzol, 3 prescription @ 12 pills and I’m still infected Iits getting worse do you have any idea what it is .im so aggravate and fear it’s going to take my life.every thing changed.if it is drain fly related what can I do to get rid of it course the larva I’m seeing in the drains in the sink it raps it self around the drain looks like it has stripes on top when I blow my nose it comes out clear but I use a nasal mist and that gives it color and OH my it’s the ugliest thing I ever seen in my l life it connects point in the front and one end has like hair can you help me please I read there’s 3 stages of this pest I think I’m at the 2nd stage the larva I’m seeing in the toilet is a white cloud. I can’t wait to hear back from you thank you. Thank you

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