Subject: Bed Bug or Swallow Bug?
Location: North Central Alberta, Canada
March 10, 2015 5:35 pm
I have recently stumpled upon a bit of a rapid infestation at my camp out at work in northern Alberta, we have had swallows every summer make nests underneath the overhang of our roof outside. I came on shift and ended up seeing a huge influx of these little buggers, the majority of which were occupying the corners and cracks around appliances in our kitchen, the kitchen window is directly below where the swallows had made their nests outside. I’ve heard that during the winter months the swallow bug can hibernate and awaken during the start of spring. They have a few that have made their way into the bedrooms but i can see no evidence of any burrowing or making homes in bedding, the majority have all been found in our kitchen. It would be a great help if anyone had any insight into what exactly im dealing with here, i’ve already cleaned out my belongings and will not be staying inside of the trailer until the bugs are gone but determining what they are would be a big hel p before creating a plan of action, this is in a very remote work camp so its a fair trek for a pest control to just poke their head in without knowing what they are up against. Thanks in advance!
Signature: Taylor

Probably Swallow Bug

Probably Swallow Bug

Dear Taylor,
We haven’t the necessary expertise to distinguish between a Bed Bug and a Swallow Bug, but circumstantial evidence indicates this is most likely a Swallow Bug.
  We also suspect that if they are Swallow Bug and there are no swallows to feed upon, they may be opportunistic and feed on human blood.

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Location: Alberta, Canada

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