Subject: Strange bug
Location: Pyramid hill, Victoria, 3575, Australia
February 28, 2015 7:34 am
I have never seen anything like it! This bug looks like a bug cream coloured wasp! Please help me identify it… By the way i am in Australia, Victoria, Pyramid hill.
Signature: Abi


Raspy Cricket

Dear Abi,
This is a harmless female Katydid, and we suspect you mistook her for a wasp because of the stinger-like ovipositor which is used to deposit eggs.  We are not certain of the species, but you may be able to identify it on the Brisbane Insect website.

Update:  October 31, 2016
We just received a comment that this is a Raspy Cricket.

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Location: Pyramid Hill, Victoria, Australia

2 Responses to Raspy Cricket from Australia

  1. Andrew says:

    not a katydid, this is a raspy cricket

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