Subject: Is this a big old moth?
Location: Roatan Honduras
February 16, 2015 10:47 pm
I thought this was a bat but maybe ,,,, a very large moth? It flew around the bathroom like a bat and has a wingspan of at least six inches. This photo was taken in Roatan Honduras. Love to know!
Signature: Wondering in Roatan

Black Witch

Black Witch

Dear Wondering in Roatan,
We are speculating that you were a tourist in Honduras.  Though this head on view is not ideal for identification purposes, we are quite confident your image is that of a Black Witch,
Ascalapha odorata, a large moth that frequently enters homes in Latin America and is subject to numerous superstitions.  In Mexico the Black Witch is known as Mariposa de la Muerte.  You may read more about the Black Witch on the Texas Entomology website.

It did look like a witch moth ( what a great name!)  but we are very grateful to be able to check with the experts. Thank you so much for your help. We do have tons of fruit bat s out here too – it wasn’t very bat like but it certainly seemed like a huge moth! I like the superstition that if you find a moth in your house you will be coming into a lot of money!
We are property owners down here but don’t get here as much as we’d like.
Adrienne Larkin
La Diosa del sol

Location: Roatan, Honduras

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