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Subject: Unusual nest?
Location: Childers, Queensland Australia
February 14, 2015 4:46 am
Hello Bugman,
I was hoping that you would be able to tell me what insect this ‘nest’ might be from. I found it attached to my Queensland Lace Tree and I am intrigued by the intricacy and the absolute neatness of the weave, to me it is a masterpiece of engineering, it looks and feels like a ‘loofah’.
Any help would be very much appreciated
Signature: Cheers, Dianima

Mantis Ootheca

Mantis Ootheca

Hi Dianima,
We are quite certain this is the Ootheca or Egg Case of a Mantis.

Mantis Ootheca

Mantis Ootheca

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Childers, Queensland, Australia

2 Responses to Mantis Ootheca from Australia

  1. dianima says:

    Thank you so much for identifying both the Ootheca Mantis and the Fiddler Beetle, I appreciate your help so very much and now I am that much wiser. I was fascinated to read about the Mantis and how the young emerge, I hope I get to see my Ootheca Mantis hatchlings.

  2. Andrew says:

    The species that layed this ootheca was most likely a Hierodula majuscula, but it also may have been from a Sphodropoda quiquidens.

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