Subject: Bug found in kitchen
Location: Austin, TX
February 5, 2015 7:01 am
I’ve been getting some kind of bites so I’m trying to find the culprit. Doing all the normal bed bug searching but hopefully another critter is responsible. I found this guy on the kitchen counter.
Signature: Austin guy

Grain Beetle

Grain Beetle

Dear Austin guy,
This looks to us like one of the Grain Beetles in the genus
Oryzaephilus, which includes two species that infest stored foods and have cosmopolitan distributions.  According to BugGuide:  “larvae and adults feed on damaged kernels of stored grains: barley, oats, rice, sunflower seeds, and wheat, plus flour, pasta, breakfast cereals, cake mixes, and various other processed foods” so you may want to check the items in the pantry to locate the source of your infestation.  In our opinion, they have no connection to the bites you are getting.

Will do. Thanks so much for the quick reply. I really appreciate it.

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Location: Austin, Texas

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