Subject: Insect – Beetle
Location: Auckland. NZ
January 17, 2015 9:00 pm
Found this fellow dead on my porch. Mangere Bridge Auckland. Is it a native beetle?
Signature: Robyn

Probably Stag Beetle

Brown Stag Beetle

Dear Robyn,
The quality of your image, including the focus, is not ideal, but we believe this is some species of Stag Beetle in the family Lucanidae.  Your individual looks very much like an Australian species,
Rhyssonotus nebulosus, and we wonder if thy might be closely related.  We soon learned that this Australian Stag Beetle has become established in New Zealand.  This New Zealand Entomologist pdf indicates that:  “Ryssonotus nebulosus (Kirby) is a large (20-30mm) Australian stag beetle.  According to Moore & Cassis (1992: 16), it has the rather uninspiring common name of ‘Brown Stag Beetle’.  It is rather badly named, for it is a mottled khaki colour. … Gourlay (1954) first reported the presence of R. nebulosus in New Zealand.  It is well known to be established in the Gisborne region, but its presence in the Auckland region has never before been reported.  It has been there since at least 1967.  It is amazing how such a large and spectacular beetle could go almost unnoticed in urban Auckland for so long.”

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

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