Subject: Odd bug
Location: Ringwood East, Vic
January 16, 2015 2:34 am
Hello bugman,
I found this insect in my lawn after it was cut. We don’t know what it is! Do you?
We live in Ringwood East, Victoria.
Thank you for your help!
Signature: Oscar Edwards



Dear Oscar,
Do you have a pond or swimming pool in your yard or nearby?  This is an aquatic True Bug known as a Backswimmer in the family Notonectidae.  Though they are aquatic, adult Backswimmers can fly from one body of water to another.  They are predators that feed on other small water insects and invertebrates, even feeding on small fish and tadpoles.  LIke other True Bugs, they have mouths designed to pierce and suck, and they can deliver a painful bite, causing them to be called Water Wasps in North America.  See the Australian Museum for more information, including:  “Backswimmers get their name because they are great at backstroke. Using their legs they swim upside down at the surface of the water.”


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Location: Ringwood East, Victoria, Australia

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