Subject: unknown spider
Location: Upper-Coomera Gold Coast 4209, Queensland
January 3, 2015 4:02 pm
This bug only comes out at night to the same place, makes its Web between the garden and rail by the pool, in the morning the spider and Web are gone.
It has a bright orange/red back and it seems like it’s like a shell (not sure).
Please help us find out what it is..
Signature: Ellen



Dear Ellen,
This is a harmless Orbweaver is also called a Garden Spider, and we believe it is in the genus
Eriophora based on images posted to the Brisbane Insect Website.  This appears to be a genus with some variability in coloration and markings within the species.  We believe your species is Eriophora biapicata and there is a nice image posted to FlickR.  We are postdating your submission to go live next week while we are out of the office.

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Location: Upper-Coomera Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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