Subject: concerned about head lice
Location: Ontario Canada
December 29, 2014 10:17 pm
Hi i recently got a new girl friend and at the beginning of are relationship i pulled a single creature from her hair, thinking nothing of it i meirly flicked it away and searched her head for more of them and found nothing. Sometime later my head was itching and i pulled a similar creature from my head and took a picture of it, concerned i looked at my gfs hair and found one in her hair again but there only seemed to be one and i took a picture of it to can you please tell me what bug or creature this is and how to deal with it?
Signature: Ky from Ontario

Head Louse

Head Louse

Dear Ky,
You are correct in your concern that this is a Head Louse.  Shaving your heads is one method of control, but should you prefer something less obvious, you can either take advantage of over the counter medications or consult with your physician.

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Location: Ontario, Canada

10 Responses to Head Louse

  1. Keep in mind, head lice doesn’t mean you are a dirty person or have bad hygiene.

  2. Chris says:

    In most cities, there are companies that will get rid of head lice in one visit. It’s $75 in the Atlanta area, and takes about an hour. VERY well worth it. That stuff’s a pain to rid of.

    • They won’t get rid of headlice in a home in one visit. You treat heads. Very worth it for them maybe. Shampoo, combs, lotions, tea tree oils and being contentious in following instructions on the bottle of solution. Interested to hear what an exterminator will do in your home to rid it of headlice.

  3. i was told they love clean hair.

  4. good argument case…. she gets on his ass for looking at another gal?….

  5. good argument case…. she gets on his ass for looking at another gal?….

  6. Seriously folk? Exterminators? Kids get lice all the time. You hug a kid, you let your neighbours kid brush your hair, you know anyone that is in contact with kids, you can get nits. You use the shampoo solution properly, you comb them out, you wash the bed sheets (overkill) and they go away. No shame, no blame. It’s just nits.

  7. Michelle p says:

    He’s not taking about an exterminator (Chris can correct if I’m wrong). There are companies that send experienced folks to your home to help you do the treatments and make sure you have everything. It’s a head treatment, although some include assistance and advice on how to treat the rest of your home (linens, clothing, furniture, etc).

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