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Subject: Question about animal
Location: Argentina, C贸rdoba
December 30, 2014 6:54 am
Hi, Bugman,
Thanks for your free service. I would have two questions:
1. This photo shows a great bug, but I can’t distinguish if it is a grassphoper, a cricket, or what is that. How can distinguish between a grassphoper and a cricket?
2. Are there any insect photos databases, who buy and sell photos of insects?
Thanks for your time and help 馃檪
David L
Signature: David L



Dear David,
Grasshopper and Cricket are both common names in English for groups of insects in the order Orthoptera.聽 In North America, this insect is commonly called a Grasshopper from the suborder聽Caelifera.聽 We have tried unsuccessfully to identify it more specifically to a genus or species level, but the wrinkly area behind the head, the yellow antennae and the checkered legs are are distinctive features that should aid in a proper identification.聽 There are databases with stock photos of insects, but we have no connection to any of them.

Dear Daniel:
It’s quite comforting to know that there are people out there helping others with these kind of questions. Do please receive a salutation and wishes of HAPPY NEW YEAR, and many thanks for your answer, which invites us to explore further. It’s understandable that in North America you have species different from the ones that my Colombian friend found in Argentina.
Do please receive warmest regards from Bogot谩, Colombia, South America…. Perhaps the first email of 2015??? 馃檪

Update:聽 January 1, 2015
Thanks to a comment from Cesar Crash, we believe this is a member of the genus
Titanacris and we located this image that supports Cesar’s identification.

Hi, many thanks! I’ll forward this to my friend. A question: you say that someone called C茅sar Crash COMMENTED something… Is there a FORUM in your site, in which I can see this public discussion? I couldn’t find it on the site…. Where did C茅sar write? Thanks

Hello again David,
Cesar Crash is a long time contributor to our site who now runs a Brazilian site called Insetologia that is similar to What’s That Bug? and Cesar frequently helps us in South American identifications.聽 Each individual posting on our site is able to accept comments which our editorial staff then approves or disallows.聽 We generally approve all comments unless they are spam or otherwise totally inappropriate.聽 You can view all comments on this particular posting at 2014/12/31/grasshopper-argentina/

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: C贸rdoba, Argentina

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