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Subject: Help!
Location: Lethbridge Alberta Canada
December 8, 2014 9:30 pm
My husband and I just moved into an new older apartment about a month ago. Since we moved in we can’t seem to get rid of these bugs that are everywhere. The main plae we find them is in the kitchen and bathroom but they have been known to be found climbing walls in our bedroom and scurrying across the floor in other rooms of the house also. They are driving me nuts. We don’t know what they are so we can’t even figure out how to get rid of them. They range in size from teeny tiny to about the size of a nickel in length. Some have wings and others don’t but I have never seen them fly. I thought they would go away after we settled in but they haven’t. I also believe they are leaving poop on my counters as I often find a black almost sand like substance on them that has no other valid reason to be there as we don’t even do much cooking in our kitchen. I hope the pictures help in identifying this bug so we can finally get rid of it. Thanks for your help.
Signature: Ashley

German Cockroach

German Cockroach

Dear Ashley,
You have an infestation of German Cockroaches, and since they are in various stages, they are reproducing and thriving in your apartment.  The larger winged individuals are the adults.  German Cockroaches thrive in contact with people and they are one of the few Cockroach species that infest homes, restaurants and other places where they get food and shelter.  You can verify our identification on BugGuide.

German Cockroach Nymph

German Cockroach Nymph

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

4 Responses to German Cockroach infestation

  1. How can you NOT know what a cockroach looks like?

  2. Keep in mind, not all roaches that might wander into a house are nasty home infesting bits of yuck that require the Orkin man. If you live near or in the woods you might have a wood roach fly into your house. Yes, a flying roach that is attracted to light. They only eat rotting logs and leaves though, so they die if they get in your house. My neighbor found one and she was SCREAMING on her front lawn. A little bit of knowledge is a good thing. 😉

  3. Some people say the same thing about bed bugs. How can you not know what they look like?
    It’s easy. If you have never lived in a city, never lived in an apartment – chances are very high that you have never seen a cockroach. I am sure that there are plenty of people who haven’t.

  4. Ron says:

    Ashley to get rid of them buy Advion roach gel bait from ebay or walmart online only it’s not sold in stores. It comes in a 4 pack of plastic syringes. And you will get instructions on how to use it. This stuff really works it’s what exterminators use.

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