Subject: Glowworm or Firefly Larva
Location: NE New Jersey, zip 07838
November 26, 2014 11:32 am
As I read that these can be tricky to ID, I’d appreciate your input.
I found it because it had it’s little light stuck in the air out of a grass covered bank along the side of the old Free Union United Methodist church. It was just a pin-prick of light, but bright enough to catch my eye.
Geographic location: NE New Jersey, zip 07838
Date: October 14, 2014
Temperature – 68F (using the Jenny Jump weather station historical data.)
Signature: Phil Wooldridge

Firefly Larva

Firefly Larva

Dear Phil,
This is a Firefly Larva, and we are basing that identification on the information that you provided about seeing a light.  Firefly Larvae are not easily confused with Glowworms which also bioluminescnce.  Firefly Larvae most closely resemble, hence are confused with Netwing Beetle Larvae that are not capable of emitting light. 

Location: New Jersey

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