Subject: ID please
Location: Western Cape , South Africa
November 24, 2014 7:43 am
This delightful spotted bug I saw yesterday Nov 24 (summer in South Africa). It was on a bush that is found in the fynbos. This bush was next to a large (major) dam Theewaterskloof in the Western Cape .It din’t fly but was happy to crawl over the flower and down the stem I have included a pic of the terrain
What is it please?
Signature: Tweet



Dear Tweet,
This is a Weevil in the family Curculionidae and we found a similar looking individual on iSpot, but alas, it is only identified to the family level.

Thank you so much that was really quick – humble weevil aka  a snout beetle, was hoing for  new species 🙂
Warm regards

Location: Western Cape, South Africa

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