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Subject: Vaejovis carolinianus Scorpion in Georgia
Location: Columbus, Ga
November 17, 2014 7:03 am
Hi! I was cleaning the bathroom yesterday and found this little guy lounging behind the…uh…facilities. with his tail stretched out he’s almost an inch long. Growing up on the island of Guam, I developed a respect for bugs. This was due mainly to the fact that so many of them wanted to sting, bite, or just generally crawl all over me!
Anyways, with the help of your website I’ve tentatively identified my little houseguest as Vaejovis carolinianus, and am wondering if you concur. He’s living comfortably in a tupperware until I find a suitable home outside for him. We have a little woodpile outside and I plan to release him there once the rain, tornados, and flying mutant undead air-shark attacks stop.
Signature: Geographer

Southern Unstriped Scorpion

Southern Unstriped Scorpion

Dear Geographer,
We concur that this is most likely a Southern Unstriped Scorpion,
Vaejovis carolinianus.  According to BugGuide, it is “‘The only scorpion native to much of the Appalachian states: Kentucky, West Virginia (S), Virginia (SW), North and South Carolina (W), Georgia (North, not coastal or southern, where Centruroides hentzi is found), Alabama (N), Mississippi (NE), Louisiana (tiny, disjunct, area NE of Baton Rouge near MS border), Tennessee (E 2/3).’ – Kari J McWest”

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Columbus, Georgia

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  1. GGB says:

    I live in the NW corner of Georgia, on TOP of a Mountain. We have seen MANY Scorpions in , around & under our Home. In EVERY Room of our House! Not liking this at all !! Of course I think one is going to sting me & I will lose an appendage or worse Die! I check my shoes before putting them on all the time! I even found one in the washing machine(in our Garage) , AFTER I had done the wash & I saw him & thought he was Dead! Noooooo, He woke up & turned around & lunged at me, with his pincers tweaking back & forth, looking to have me for a snack! No Lie!!
    How can I make them go away??

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