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Subject: Species name
Location: Kimberley Sout Africa
November 17, 2014 1:37 am
I am trying to make preserved specimens of bugs in our area for a laboratory. It is important to have information of the specimen which will enable the students to learn from these specimens. I was hoping you could help me with the species name of each.
Signature: Odette du Plessis

Red Driver Ant

Red Driver Ant

Dear Odette,
The quality of your images is quite poor, and we do not believe we will be able to give you an accurate species identification on either the Scarab Beetle in the family Scarabaeidae or the Preying Mantis.  Your third insect looks very much like a male Driver Ant or Sausage Fly in the genus
Dorylus.  You can view additional images of Red Driver Ants on the iSpot website.  As an aside, we find it curious that you are mounting your specimens on glass slides like microscope specimens instead of on pins like most insect specimens.

Hi! Thank you for trying to help me identify the species. I am sure your information will steer me in the right direction. They are on glass slides as I intend placing them in glass jars filled with alcohol. I found this recipe for mounting insects. I would have sent it to you just to show you, unfortunately the information is in afrikaans. How do you prevent insects that are mounted with pins from going mouldy and becoming brittle and breaking? Thank you once again for the information. Odette

Hi again Odette,
Insects do dry out when they are mounted on pins.  We do not have a collection, so we are not prepared to relay the necessary steps for mounting insects, but that information should be readily available in books or online.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Kimberley, South Africa

4 Responses to Red Driver Ant from South Africa

  1. If anyone found this kind of ant in your household area remove it immediately. Because its very harmful for our household environment.
    Pest Control Pete is good for it

  2. Nico says:

    Morning, What is the best way of getting rid of Red Driver Ants. Especially in your home. I have had 3 nests emerging from underneath my cupboard floor. Do they also envade in the foundation of the house or will they lie eggs just under the cupboard floor. Regards Nico

  3. Nikita says:

    I live in Newcastle south Africa and a few weeks ago found it in the corner of our bathroom wall it’s got a tiny hole in it and we have tried everything to get rid of them nothing seems to be working! We closed the hole with a bit of cement and the ate through it. What else can I do?

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