Subject: First time to see this kind of bee
Location: Flowers on the backyard of the house & also on the farm
November 13, 2014 1:16 pm
Aloha bugman,
Can you identify what kind of bee is this please? Never saw something like this before! Mahalo! 🙂
Signature: L. Rocknash

Sonoran Carpenter Bee

Sonoran Carpenter Bee

Dear L. Rocknash,
We are guessing by your greeting and closing that you are from Hawaii.  This is a male Carpenter Bee, and we learned on BugGuide that the Sonoran Carpenter Bee,
Xylocopa sonorina, a non-native species, can be found in Hawaii.  Females are black and males a beautiful golden color.  This image from FlickR depicts a male Sonoran Carpenter Bee in Hawaii.


Location: Hawaii

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