Subject: Four legged bug
Location: Southeast Michigan, 30m northwest of Detroit .
November 7, 2014 7:23 am
Found this interesting fellow in the living room yesterday. Slow moving, but very attentive-turned around and checked me out when I was examining him. Happily climbed on the edge of my phone and took a ride outside to a small pile of fallen leaves. Thanks in advance.
Signature: TM

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No problem, I’m a patient guy.
Thanks for the response. Did some other research before asking, close as I can tell it may be a leaf footed bug, but appears to have lost the back legs, so hard to tell.
While I was sending you the photos a centipede came tooling across the carpet at me.  Another successful catch and release to the front porch.

Western Conifer Seed Bug missing hind legs

Western Conifer Seed Bug missing hind legs

Dear TM,
This is a Western Conifer Seed Bug, indeed one of the Leaf Footed Bugs, and you are correct that it is missing its distinctive hind legs.  Western Conifer Seed Bugs often enter homes when the weather cools to hibernate, passing the winter in relative comfort.  They will not harm your home or belongings.

Location: Detroit, Michigan

2 Responses to Western Leaf Footed Bug: Double Amputee

  1. Hayley Cockayne says:

    I too have found a slow moving conifer seed bug in my home. It’s the first time i’ve ever come across one as I live in the UK and they are a relatively new invasive species here.
    Mine was also missing it’s hind legs. Is this something that commonly occurs?

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