Subject: Pooped a worm?
Location: Hartland , WI
November 5, 2014 1:52 pm
My husband sent this text to me and I’m waiting for a return call from the doctor. Any idea?
Signature: Freaking out

Centipede in toilet

Soil Centipede in toilet

Dear Freaking out,
Though we have been spared the text from your husband, we are deducing by your subject line that this Soil Centipede was passed during a bowel movement.  Please refer to our extensive posting entitled Can Centipedes really Crawl up your Butt???
  We would be eager to hear what the doctor has to say.

His text was basically he was freaking out because he just pooped that out. The doctor said since it was floating in the water and not mixed in the stool, it couldn’t have come from him, must’ve already been in the toilet.
He has still been having pretty intense stomach pains that come and go. He does see his regular MD for a physical on Tuesday.

Location: Hartland, Wisconsin

10 Responses to Soil Centipede presumably passed during bowel movement

  1. Hiding under the bowl rim?

  2. Great text to the wife! Awesome!

  3. I bet it was on his clothing and it fell in the toilet as he sat down.

  4. This was slightly interesting… And then I read another butt centipede story linked at the bottom of this one… And now my weekend is ruined as I clench my cheeks as tightly as possible.

  5. To many gummy Bears …@ Halloween …

  6. Read the whole linked story. Oh. My. God.

  7. Thoroughly grossed out says:

    I just found a worm/centipede in my toilet bowl that looked nearly identical to the one in the picture. How can I get into contact with the original poster to ask what the doctor’s diagnosis/response was to the husband?

    • bugman says:

      Your comment is the best way to contact “Freaking out” who made the original inquiry. We do not have the ability to keep track of all of our contributors.

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