Subject: Large bug in pond seems to be eating frog spawn
Location: Aisen, Patagonia, Chile
October 26, 2014 11:31 am
A few years ago we made a pond in our garden in Patagonia, Chile. A few weeks ago a frog laid some spawn and three weeks later we wondered what had happened to the developing tadpoles, then looked closely and spotted several long insects slightly below the water, congregated around the spawn, which now contained only one of the tiny tadpoles. The insects seem to be sprouting wings. Are they a type of dragonfly?
Signature: Paul Coleman

Naiad:  Possibly Dragonfly nymph with frog eggs

Naiad: Possibly Dragonfly nymph with frog eggs

Dear Paul,
The insect in your image is an aquatic nymph of a flying insect, known as a Naiad.  It is very likely that the naiad will develop into a Dragonfly.

Dragonfly Naiad, we believe

Dragonfly Naiad, we believe

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Location: Aisen, Patagonia, Chile

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